Let It Rain provides a prompt response to emergency calls when the building is vulnerable. If necessary we will provide a temporary ‘fix’ to stop a leak until a permanent solution can be provided.
A failed roof can occur for a variety of reasons; from a lack of the proper components and poor craftsmanship to insufficient venting and worn roofing material. Our Repair crew will advise you on the options available, the length of time remaining in your roof’s life and the most economic solution. The Repair Department will provide you with an honest opinion of the extent of repairs necessary to ensure problems do not reoccur.

  • Roof Maintenance Program

    Regular maintenance of your roof, like any other part of the home, will extend its life and avoid unforeseen problems. This includes:

    • Replacing damaged shingles
    • Repairs to hips, ridges and valleys
    • Sealing vents and gaskets
    • Sealing step, wall and sill flashing
    • Cleaning troughs and unblocking downpipes.
  • Construction

    Let It Rain’s construction and workshop facilities provide an extensive resource to the homeowner. We can rebuild a roof deck that has suffered damage from mould and mildew or has warped beyond repair. If the home has structural problems such as collapsing roof decks or the homeowner needs to convert a flat roof to a slope our carpenters can provide the necessary resources.
    We fabricate our own metal for flashings allowing us to accommodate custom application. All our roof flashings are pre-painted steel which is stronger, contracts and expands less than aluminum and ensures a longer lasting product.

  • Chimneys and Brick Work

    Worn chimneys are often a source of interior leaks on sloped roofs. On flat roofs a badly protected parapet allows deterioration of brick work. Let It Rain can either rebuild or tuck-point your brick work as part of the roofing work or as a separate job depending on your preference.

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