Siding 101

Our siding installations are finished with the highest quality materials to ensure your property’s inner exterior is fully protected from the elements. We also provide a comprehensive range of full-service exterior renovations and repairs, including roof repair and gutter installation.

Looking for trusted siding installers near you? Look no further than Let it Rain. We guarantee high-quality siding installations and repairs that are built to last for many years to come. Call today and book one of our siding contractors near you.

Siding Inspection

Regular inspection of your home or business identifies potential siding problems before they develop into extensive damage. At Let it Rain, our experienced siding professionals will thoroughly examine your property’s exterior, checking for any underlying problem areas.

We also recommend ways to improve your building’s efficiency through high-quality siding materials. This will save your home or business substantial amounts of money in expensive energy bills.

  • Siding Repair Near You

    Whether you need siding repair in Toronto or the GTA, you can rely on Let it Rain to restore your exterior cladding so it lasts for many years to come.

    Our siding contractors can repair and replace loose or missing siding made of wood, vinyl, composite materials, and much more ore. We work with your existing siding to match the style and design of your home. Our extensive network of suppliers gives us a range of colors, materials ensuring a perfect substitute every time.

    Is your siding’s color starting to fade? At Let it Rain, we also paint existing siding, so it looks as new as the first time it was installed. Our paint features weather-resistant properties, increasing the durability and resistance of your existing siding.

    Whatever siding problems your home or business is dealing with, let our team of professional siding installers breathe life back into your property. We also offer roof repair  throughout Toronto and the GTA  for all-encompassing home restoration and maintenance.

Investing in Siding

Although commonly overlooked, siding is an affordable and cost-effective solution for improving your property’s exterior. Investing in good quality siding installation can substantially increase your property’s value through greater curb appeal and modern energy efficiency.

  • Commercial Siding Applications

    Siding is also great for businesses, providing secure and reliable protection for your property’s exterior. At Let it Rain, we’re firm believers that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Siding improves the customer’s perception of your business, providing them with a clean, inviting view from the outside.

    If you’re serious about saving on costly energy bills, then modern siding installations are a must-have for your business. Let it Rain has access to some of the most durable and-energy efficient siding materials in the industry, drastically reducing the need for constant air conditioning and heating throughout the year.

    No matter what type of business you run in Ontario, don’t hesitate to go for the best and most established siding installers near you.

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Let it Rain prides itself on providing superior customer service on every exterior project. Regardless of requirements, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to transform your residential or commercial property’s exterior.

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