The votes are in!

With great pleasure we are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Roof Rescue Mission…

Congratulations to

Deborah and Terry Lee!

Mississauga, ON


Thank you all for taking the time to review our finalists and help us in choosing the final winner of a free roof. We hope you enjoyed following us along this journey and realize the importance of community involvement. For those of you who took the time to nominate yourself or someone, we know it wasn’t easy and effort was involved. However, sometimes it just feels good to pay it forward.

Our day: Video


Contestant #1

Leslie Doe, Oakville ON 

Contestant #2

Deborah & Terrance Lee, Mississauga ON


Last year’s winner!


Wanda McDougall!

Watch our video to get a glimpse into our day:

August Roof Rescue Video

We thank everyone who participated in 2022.


Contestant #1:

Ron Sinai

Mississauga, ON

Contestant #2:

Steve Richardson

Brantford, ON

Contestant #3:

Wanda McDougall

Burlington, ON

Contestant #4:

Jeanette Thwaites

North York, ON