Challenge with flat roofs

Flat roofing can be problematic because water and snow collect on the roof and, if unable to drain, water seeps into the joints at the roofing membrane and flashing causing interior damage. To benefit from a lasting flat roof application both positive drainage and insulation should be considered and at Let It Rain our technical staff can advise you on the most practical solution.
To assess the composition of the existing roof we can take ‘core samples’ which tell us if there is insulation in the roof cavity or beneath the roofing membrane and whether there is damage to the roof deck.

We us top quality tapered insulation system and SOPREMA to install top quality slope roofing and efficient drainage to ensure your flat roof is maintainable and durable.

  • Insulation

    When re-doing a flat roof, it’s a prefect time to increase the insulation R-value for energy savings and home comfort. We also provide solutions to increase ventilation and provide air flow.

  • Positive drainage

    Installing a flat roof with slope for positive drainage increases the life of the roof and ensures the manufacturers warranty is in good standing. Let It Rain’s construction department can rebuild the roof deck or install a pre-formed tapered system to ensure water does not collect on the roof and the roofing membrane.

  • Flat roof installation

    Let It Rain installs a two ply modular roofing system which is stronger and lighter than tar or gravel, providing a robust and enduring roofing surface. We install High-performance modified bitumen membranes without torching or mopping. The Colply system advantage means you can easily repair or upgrade your roofing membrane and it is virtually maintenance free.

    Parapets and wall intersections are protected with pre-painted steel flashing that are custom made in-house for strength and durability. All roof penetrations such as chimneys, hatches and skylights are flashed and caulked to provide maximum protection.

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