The Importance of Ease of Access

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Adding a ramp to your property for yourself or others gives you and them ease of access. Should a person in a wheelchair or an elder need that advantage, it only adds to their and your quality of life. Sometimes we overlook the value in the little things. By investing in something that is only an addition to your home, can create great personal value. 

Ageing in Place – (a new term)

Getting older is not always what we expect. We become attached to our homes, our belongings and essentially, our neighbouring community. “Ageing in place” is what the new term is called for people who do not want to leave their homes, but instead, have their home accommodate them. 

Find an Accommodating Contractor

In order to maintain your independence, and ease of accessibility, you need to carefully plan and consider the logistics of your everyday living situation. Your contractor should be able to do a walk- through of your home and provide thoughtful suggestions. Always looks for a company who has a strong reputation, a track record over the years and a physical place of business. It is important that you have a company with brick and mortar should you ever need to discuss things further.  

Adding Functionality to Your Home

Some things to consider to alleviate restrictions:

1) Reducing fall hazards – Installing proper flooring,  non-slip mats and proper organization of furniture.

2) Installation of bathroom grab bars for support. The bathtub can be slippery so ensure you have the proper support to safely enter and exit the tub/shower. 

3) Light switches and electrical outlets should be in appropriate and easy accessible places. Use a power bar to isolate nearby power sources. 

4) Handles and faucets should be easy to use – open/close. 

5) Install handrails and ramps where necessary. Entering and exiting the home should be done with ease and without the worry of tripping or falling. 

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