3 Factors That Will Increase the Value of Your Roof

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When building or buying a new house it can be easy to get caught up in details like the walk-in closet. How often do we really pay attention to the important things like the structure of a home? A high-quality roof provides a homeowner protection from harmful weather elements like heat, dirt, and water. 

Many factors can contribute to protecting against these elements such as materials, installed structures, slope, and roof maintenance. A dependable roof protects the interior and contributes to the durability of your home. This article provides 3 factors that can increase the value of your roof. 


1. Warranty

A simple way of increasing the value of your roof is to install a new one in place of your old one. A complete roof replacement should also come with a warranty, and the duration will depend on the material used. Many warranties offer limited coverage while they protect the interest of roof manufacturers. It is crucial as a homeowner to carefully read all warranty documents, particularly the limitations or omissions that could void the warranty. Understanding your warranty will ensure that you are covered in case of damages. Improper maintenance can also result in the nullification of the warranty. 


2. Proper Ventilation

Roof ventilation plays many other important roles in maintaining your home other than providing coverage. The positive effects on the lifespan of your roof system depend on the right quantity of ventilation, the amount you pay for heating and cooling, your future costs for roofing services, and the ease and welfare of your family.

In summer, the sun heats the air which warms the top of the house. However, in winter, the heat from your home warms the air outside. In both cases, a good ventilation system is one where cool air can enter the house and leave from the roof. The purpose is to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the house as well as regulate humidity levels. Poor ventilation can result in warm, humid air which causes condensation. The moisture forms the perfect condition to support the growth of mold and rot, which can cause serious structural damage to your home from water dripping on the ceiling.

3. Install Skylights

Having windows can help to increase the amount of natural light in a home. However, since the sun doesn’t stay in the same place in the sky, the amount of light in a home can fluctuate as the day goes on. Having a skylight can provide more natural sunlight, better ventilation, and solar-generated heat to your home. Bringing natural light will use less electricity, which will decrease your utility bill and reduce your carbon footprint. A skylight installation can also increase the resale value of your home.

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